Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Idea 28: Honor Someone You Admire

We all know that person. The person who gives tirelessly to help others in the community. We all want to be a little more like them but, we all don’t have the time. You can still support that person by donating in their honor.

All of us at First Place know Peggy, a volunteer in our kindergarten classroom. Peggy is an anchor for our students.

Every Friday, without fail, Peggy comes to First Place to help Ms. Molly, our kindergarten teacher, with projects and field trips, lunches and recesses, nap time and story time. It is a very busy day. Many of Peggy’s friends know of the work she does and remembered her this year by making a year-end gift in her honor. You can too!

Go online, or send a contribution, today to honor someone who is doing all they can to support their community.

When you make a gift in honor or in memory of someone, we will send them a card to let them know you made the gift. All we need is their name and address. We then send you a tax-receipt for your gift.

Learn more about giving to First Place.

Thank you for all of your support of our programs thus far. And remember to check back for daily updates and ideas! If you have any questions about the Idea a Day postings, please email Melissa Collett, Marketing & Events Manager.

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