Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Idea 22: Dine In for First Place

This one is short but sweet… or savory.

Next time you’re thinking about going out to dinner, consider staying home and donating what you would have spent on dinner for the family to First Place. If you would have gone out for pizza, bake up a frozen pizza instead, whip up a salad and donate what you would have spent eating out.

Or here’s a twist on that concept.

If you really need the convenience of dining out (and let’s face it, some evenings we’re just used up from our day and can’t face cooking for the family or partner), go ahead. Keep track of what you spent, and also donate that amount to First Place. As always, your donation goes directly to support programs and classrooms at First Place for homeless families and children.

How about tonight?

Right now through December 31, all gifts made to First Place online will be matched dollar for dollar up to $5,750. Give online today.

Thank you for all of your support of our programs thus far. And remember to check back for daily updates and ideas! If you have any questions about the Idea a Day postings, please email Melissa Collett, Marketing & Events Manager.

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