Monday, December 21, 2009

Idea 20: Host a Donation Drive at Work

While you’re at work, why not do some good works?

You can hold a donation drive for First Place at any time throughout the year and for almost any holiday. Here are some examples:

Library: Our school library is constantly in need of multicultural books. Print out this list and ask your coworkers to purchase books from it.

Clothing Drive:
Purchase new socks and underwear for children ages 3 through 12.

Spring Break:
Make spring break activity kits for the school. You can purchase activity or coloring books (for ages 3 to 12), crayons, pencils, a toy such as a pencil topper. Call us for ideas.

Back to School:
Pick a classroom and full-fill their Back to School wish list (July through September).

ABODA, a local corporate housing company, holds a drive for First Place every spring. Employees donate items from our wish list, then they turn in their receipts to the company for a matching gift. First Place receives both the in-kind items, plus the company matches the amount they spent. It’s a double win for the children!

If you have questions about donating to the Birthday Box contact Lisa Foss at 206 323 6715 or

Thank you for all of your support of our programs thus far. And remember to check back for daily updates and ideas! If you have any questions about the Idea a Day postings, please email Melissa Collett, Marketing & Events Manager.

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