Thursday, December 17, 2009

Idea 17: Take a Kid to Lunch Without Leaving Your Desk

One of the realities of homelessness is that adults and children alike may not know where their next meal is coming from.

The children who attend First Place know that they will get two healthy and tasty meals and a snack every day that they attend school. This may be the only food they get all day—or even all week. But, these meals help kids stay focused and able to learn.
At First Place we can feed a child lunch for one month for less than $50.00. Wanna take a kid to lunch for a whole month? That’s about $3.00 a lunch. (Aren’t you paying more than that for your morning latte?)

Ms. Wube, who runs the our Food Services Program, says the hardest part of her job is trying to give all our children what they want—while following the guidelines for school meals which require that there are fruits and vegetables at every meal, that sugar content is low, and that they are balanced according to the food pyramid. Ms. Wube pays close attention to these guidelines, while paying closer attention to the children and what they like. She strives to give them food they like, and encourages them to try new things, or things they don’t like (yet)—just like mom does. One former student even called Ms. Wube her “second mom.”

You can make the difference for a kid for a whole month. For another $50.00 you can give them breakfast, too.

Right now through December 31, all gifts made to First Place online will be matched dollar for dollar up to $5,750. Give online today.

Thank you for all of your support of our programs thus far. And remember to check back for daily updates and ideas! If you have any questions about the Idea a Day postings, please email Melissa Collett, Marketing & Events Manager.

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