Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FP Students Sing to Banana Slugs - Day 2 at Islandwood

Now that the students have settled in comfortably at camp, our second day was all about learning to work together as a team.

Students in Team Pond started their day by playing an interactive game called "Owls, Mice and Seeds", an Islandwood favorite that teaches students the importance of the food chain, animal survival, and how different elements in nature may impact the food chain.
First Place students interacted with students from Bennett Elementary, and then participated in a ropes course in the Islandwood team course. Students had to work together as a team to complete a task and ultimately reach their goal of achieving team work. After lunch, Team Pond went to the garden, and sampled different foods growing in the Islandwood garden. Students also picked foods from the garden, and worked with Islandwood's kitchen chef's to prepare the dessert for tonight's meal- Apple Crisp and Pumpkin-Raisin cookies.

Along the journey today, students saw a banana slug. They were told that the banana slug would respond to singing, and the whole group burst into song, singing "Banana slug, Banana-nana-nana Banana Slug!"Some of the First Place staff's highlights from the day:

"I am noticing students working together and getting along."
"Islandwood helps students appreciate the environment as well as each other."
"I love that students who don't normally socialize together, are taking the time to make new friends."
"The students seem engaged and excited about science!"

Some of the students' highlights from the day:

"The pancakes at breakfast this morning were my favorite."
"I wanted to take the banana slug home with me!"
"I saw a decomposing bird in a tree and lots of fungus growing on trees in the woods."
"I saw a deer right outside our lodge, and took a picture!"
"I can't wait for dinner!"
"I learned about different kinds of mushrooms and which kinds of fungi are poisonous."Read about Day 1.

Check back tomorrow for more updates.

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