Friday, November 6, 2009

Drumming and Lunch on the Beach - Day 3 at Islandwood

Wednesday was our last full day at camp. First Place students watched a video at Islandwood's Learning Studio on the history Bainbridge Island and Blakely Harbor. They learned about different people from around the world that settled at Port Blakely over one hundred years ago and what life was like on the island back then. Some students asked, "What was life like for kids back then?" and "Why did people settle at Bainbridge Island instead of Seattle?"

Next they explored the history of the island even further by hiking three miles to the beach to explore animals and plants in that ecosystem. Students had lunch on the beach and then hiked back to campus where they participated in a drumming workshop in the Art Studio. Students learned how to play a beat on the Djembe, a popular West African drum, and learned a song in a West African language, which meant, "Welcome. I greet you with my mind, my lips, and my heart. I come in peace."
The highlight of the day was the evening Campfire Ceremony where students from different schools performed skits, poems, and other special talents. One of our students teamed up with a student from Roxhill Elementary and performed a breakdance routine. At the end of the night, we had our own talent show back at our lodge and students prepared to end their week at camp.

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