Thursday, February 12, 2009

From the Kids: Kindergarten Funnies

Sometimes you never know what is going on in the young and inquiring minds of the Kindergarten class. Thankfully Kindergarten teacher Ms. Molly and her instructional assistant Ms. Jenni keep us up to date. Each week they forward the staff a list of quotes and anecdotes from the kids.

Over the course of this year we noticed the Kindergartners are always asking who the boss is. Here are a few quotes from the classroom.

The Fire Station Boss
During a visit to the fire station, talking to a regular firefighter wasn’t enough and one student asked: “I want to see the big boss.”

Her request was met later on, when the chief came up to visit and watch. With the chief watching we learned about who can be a firefighter.

Firefighter Kurt: "Anyone who wants can be a firefighter. Boys, girls, if you’re black, white, green or purple."
Kindergartner: “There ain’t no green people.”
Firefighter Kurt: "And if you want to be a firefighter, you have to pay attention in school and do your work and have a good attitude."
Kindergartner, turning to the chief: “Big boss, you pay attention in school?”

The Cheerleading Boss
The Seahawks and Seagals visited our classroom. The Kindergartners understood the Seahawks were football players, but who were the women?

Kindergartner: "Who you?"
Seagal: "We’re cheerleaders."
Kindergartner: "You guys are cheerleaders?"
Seagal: "Yup."
Kindergartner: "Who’s the boss?"

The Boss at School
Kindergartner: “Ms. Jenni, who’s your boss?”
Ms. Jenni: "Mrs. Phillips is my boss."

The next day during breakfast Mrs. Phillips the Director of Educational Services happened to be passing through and the same Kindergartner said “Mrs. Phillips, Ms. Jenni’s not helping me!”

Mrs. Phillips caught on quickly and gave our kindergartner a look that seemed to say 'are you kidding with me?' and her look was met with a giant mischievous smile.

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