Friday, February 5, 2010

Myths of Homelessness

"As soon as you get camp set up and get into your blankets and fall asleep, it's time to get up and pack up your stuff and start the day." – Connie

Myth #6: Homeless People Sleep All the Time

Huffington Post writer Christine Schanes has been sharing some of the common misperceptions about homeless people. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

"Sleeping is kind of rough. Sleeping on the streets you have to watch other people. You have to be real careful of the weather and other people. You could get kicked in the head. Other people like to mess with the homeless." - Joe

"For the moment, let's just say riding around all night on the bus and trains keeps you out of jail." - Maurice

"Problems I encounter - I have people stalking me for crimes that they have committed against me, including poisoning me, drugging me. So, therefore, I do not have a place to sleep or sleep on a regular place or regular sleep times. So, therefore, I cannot keep appointments or regular life. Sleeping times are hard to get as well as keeping my health correct." - Antonio

"Out of all the years my family and I were homeless, we slept in shelters and got enough sleep. Except for one night when we slept in a car which was a horrible experience." - Barbara

Check out the full article, and the other Myths of Homelessness at

First Place families have told us they faced some of these same stereotypes when faced with homelessness. Here's the links to the first five myths:

Myth #5: Sleepwalking will End Homelessness

Myth #4: There’s Room in the Inn

Myth #3: Unsheltered People Only Count at Night

Myth #2: “They’re All Bums!”

Myth #1: “Get a Job!” also had an interesting article on how families are generally the last line of defense, and one of the strongest, for someone facing homelessness. Families are there to provide loans when everything else falls through or housing until a job situation can stabilize. Find the full article at

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