Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vote Yes On Prop. 1!

by Dr. Doreen Cato, Executive Director

On November 3rd, if Seattle voters do not vote to approve Housing Levy, Proposition 1, First Place will lose important funding to two of our most essential programs; the Rental Assistance Program and the Housing Program.

Please vote yes to renew this important proposition when you vote between now and November 3rd. You will find Proposition 1 on the back of your ballot in the upper right hand corner. Vote YES to approve the Levy, which for the past 28 years has been assisting some of Washington’s most vulnerable citizens from losing their housing in difficult times. Last year, for example the First Place Rental Assistance Program directly served one hundred and forty five individuals helping these people with immediate funding to help them retain or obtain housing.

Also, by providing networking and contact information to other community resources, the First Place Rental Assistance Program served approximately 3,362 individuals last year.

First Place is one among many local organizations providing Rental Assistance funding to families in order to prevent them from becoming homeless. This funding helps by:

  • preventing families from losing their homes and becoming homeless;
  • preventing homelessness while a family deals with job loss, medical bills or a death in the family;
  • moving families into market-rate housing through providing deposits for apartments;
  • providing support services to stabilize families for the long-term; and
  • leveraging Non-Profit developers, enabling them to build affordable housing for families.
Rental Assistance is just one of the 5 successful programs funded through the Housing Levy, yet affects over 3,000 families.

Where will these families go when they lose their homes? Our state’s unemployment rate just went up to 9.3% -- now more than ever families need help to keep their homes and children need a safe and warm place to come home to.

First Place endorses passing Proposition 1.

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