Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Join us at our Virtual Table

This morning, a very special event is happening for First Place. Our Annual Fundraising Breakfast. Just in case you weren't there with us, we wanted to include you at our virtual table.

Here are the highlights of today's program:

We're 20 year old!

This year marks our 20th serving children and families. Our successes just keep on growing.

Most recently, First Place was able to move a mother and her two children from living in a van to living in a two bedroom apartment in First Place transitional housing!

First Place serves over 1,000 individuals each year - and we celebrate each new success as if it is our first.

First Place graduate Marcelus will now share his story with you about how he came to First Place.

Listen to a story aired on KUOW last summer (Real Audio). Click here for additional listening options.

Current First Place student Ifrah has also written a speech to share with us today.

"When I first came to First Place. I lived in a shelter. I was scared for no reason at all. In my second year I was in foster care for 15 days because my mom was ill. The staff members and kids were really caring because they knew what I was going through.

I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters and we were all seperated because noone wanted to take care of 7 kids except my mom. I was worried because I did not see them at school."

Read her entire speech here.

And now, we would like to ask you to make a gift to First Place in honor of Marcelus, Ifrah, and of all the children and families touched by our program. All gifts given will count toward our event goal.

Give online through Network for Good.

Download the event pledge card and send by mail (pdf).

We encourage you to invite people to sit at your virtual table by fowarding this email to your friends, family and colleagues who you know will be touched by the stories shared here.

Our warmest appreciation for your support.

Dr. Doreen Cato, Executive Director

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