Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Success Story: Proud Parent Says Thank You

Within the walls of First Place, and in the lives of the families we touch, successes happen every day. As often as we can, First Place will share these successes with you. This is what we would like to share today.

First Place recently received the following note from Dara, a mother whose daughter graduated out of our program this past year.
"As a mother of a former student of First Place I am proud to let you know that my daughter became a Rainier Scholar Nominee. Her teacher told me in the parent teacher conference that out of 31 students in her class my daughter is top 2. The teacher also told me that my daughter shows intellectual curiosity and scores above average on all her work in class.

I believe that my daughter got the nurturing and the life skills that she needed to survive in the public school from First Place staff.
I want to thank you all personally on how much of an impact you guys have in all our lives. You gave my daughter something that any other school would never think of doing."

Dara, pictured with her daughter, is currently employed full-time at First Place and continues to provide leadership and guidance to struggling families.

As Dara celebrates with her family First Place is celebrating their hard work in breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Dara and her family were very involved with First Place while receiving services. Her and her husband chaired the Parent Advisory Council, Dara went down to Olympia with First Place every year to lobby for children rights and she truly became a mentor to her peers who were experiencing struggles with homelessness and poverty.

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